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  • Welcome to the Glenmuir High School Online Systems Training Course

    This Course is intended to introduce to and teach staff members about the current online resources and how to use them in order to improve teaching and learning as well as general communication.


  • Mathematics is a precise and concise means of communicating patterns, relationships, ideas and values in a quest for a deeper and better understanding of the world around us. It requires observation, representation, investigation and comparison of patterns in social and physical phenomena.

    The Mathematics programme generally recognizes that Mathematics teaching and learning may be enriched by approaching content and teaching and learning activities through the use of concrete examples and experiences, as well as, through real-life experiences. If implemented as suggested, the programme would equip all Caribbean students for the world of work or further study, and in general, for life-long learning.

  • The Caribbean is a linguistically diverse region.  The development of communicative competence in Caribbean Standard English (CSE) enables citizens to function nationally, regionally and internationally.

    For students to negotiate successfully the environment in which they work and play, it is critical that they develop language skills that will help them to understand what they listen to, view and read, and to respond effectively in speech, writing and other expressive media.

    Students must be exposed to language activities which allow them to communicate confidently and effectively in a variety of settings and situations.   These activities will also allow them to explore social, cultural and moral values and appreciate the aesthetic appeal and power of language.